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I was installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on my machine last month, and I was welcomed by this nice installer screen:


The first thing I noticed in this screen is the nice progress ring in the middle. Unfortunately, non of the Winrt native controls we have support this behavior (progress bar is a linear bar, progress ring is just a simple animation). so I wanted to implement something similar.

I did a very simple implementation, this how you can use it:

Add the following namespace to your xaml page:


Add this xaml snippet to your grid:

<controls:ExtendedProgressRing Width="250" Value="75"  Thickness="5" RingBackground="#ff292D30" RingForeground="#ff1976BB" /> 

And heres the end results:


You can find the control by searching for “ExtendedProgressRing” on Nuget, or by typing the following command in the Nuget console:

Install-Package ExtendedProgressRing 

You’re free to use this control for any free or commercial project

Please reach me for any feature request (or bugs report) on Twitter @TareqAteik

Tareq Ateik

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