HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) on Windows Phone (Not 3ivx, free solution)

If you want to write an app that supports live streaming on Windows Phone, the streaming server should support one of the Microsoft encodings. Nothing wrong with the Microsoft smooth streaming. The issue that most of the TV stations support only Apple HLS.

Looking around for an HLS adapter (3rd party library) for Windows Phone wasn’t . My first option was 3ivx library, which is actually brilliant! and it supports Windows 8 store apps too. But the pricing is a little bit expensive. The price I got was 7500 Australian dollars per app. That means if a TV station wants to build two different apps (say news tv app, and sport tv app) they have to pay $15000!


So 3ivx wasn’t a good option “for me”. Luckily I found an open source project (man, I love open source Smile ), Windows Phone Streaming Media is a MediaStreamSource built by henric that supports HLS! Using the Player Framework and adding the Windows Phone Streaming Media plugin and you’re done!! it supports both Windows Phone 7 & Windows Phone 8.


To implement it in your project, download the Windows Phone Streaming Media source code and add the right references to your project. Happy coding Smile


Tareq Ateik

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